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Judyth Piazza is Senior Editor of Baret News editor@baretnews.com

Carmen Avelino speaks three languages and is an ESL teacher. editor@baretnews.com


Joseph Alonso is a Baret News journalist.

Lem Cacho is the Baret News investigative journalist. lem@baretnews.com

Claudia Strasbaugh is the Baret News business and life writer. claudia@baretnews.com

Robert Paul Reyes is the Baret News pop culture writer. robert@baretnews.com

Tom Ski is the Baret News great outdoors writer. tom@baretnews.com

Martha Rosenberg is the Senior Health Writer. martha@baretnews.com

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal and the Baret News Satirical Political Opinion writer. johnl@baretnews.com

Prairie Miller is the senior Baret News Entertainment writer. prairie@baretnews.com

Social Media

Leon DaMan is a social media maven, Graduate of Middle Tennessee State University 1997, BS Psychology

Jam Derpo is a promoter who likes to keep up with the latest in social media.


Tom Ski, the most connected man we know, handles advertising placements at Baret News. Contact him at tom@baretnews.com or by phone at (303) 956 0569 in Mountain Time


Alan Gray keeps the system running support@baretnews.com