Scrubblade, the ultimate high-performance wiper blade, has received the Popular Mechanics 2011 SEMA Editor’s Choice Award during the 2011 SEMA and Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scrubblade was selected by the Popular Mechanics editor’s choice edgingout industry behemoths like Bosch, Rain-X, Trico and PEAK, to win the award for its outstanding achievement in new product design, functionality, simplicity and innovation. Scrubblade was selected from thousands of new products on exhibition at both the AAPEX and SEMA 2011 trade shows.

With its double-blade technology, the Scrubblade windshield wiper provides excellent all-weather performance, scrubbing, and wiping simultaneously like no other wiper blade on the market.(Link to Popular Mechanics article

Scrubblade also received the “Making It Better” AAPEX New Product Award for its Scrubblade Wiper Fluid Tablets. The AAPEX award recipients were selected by automotive parts buyers that attended the expo. Scrubblade’s Wiper Fluid tablets are economical, eco-friendly and dissolve in water within minutes. They can be dropped directly into washer fluid reservoirs which eliminates the need for bulky plastic containers which end up in landfills. Their compact size greatly reduces the impact of shipping on the environment.

It is a huge honor to be recognized as an item of top focus by both the editors of Popular Mechanics and the buyers that attended AAPEX.” – Billy Westbrook founderĀ Scrubblade.

We have some tough competitors so I’m thrilled that we were selected from thousands of other products” Billy also said “The market’s need for a windshield wiper that provides a function beyond water removal has been needed for sometime and we are very happy to have designed an effective, affordable solution for the consumers safety and convenience.”