Dynamsoft Corporation, an independent software vendor of TWAIN SDKs and version control systems, has released the Dynamic Web TWAIN Mac Edition. It is a web browser plugin which enables users to acquire images from any TWAIN compliant device (scanner, digital camera, capture card, and etc.) and edit before saving or uploading  to a web server.

Users have the most flexibility in choosing a favorite browser. On top of compatibility with x86/x64 IE, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows, the new release added a new edition — Mac Edition — to offer support for Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

With the Mac user base growing rapidly, Dynamic Web TWAIN customers have been anxiously requesting for this edition. “How is the Mac OS X development of the plugin coming along? I’m getting more and more Mac customers these days and they are all yelling for the scanner plugin,” said Andrew Billson.

The pre-release version got wide attention and positive feedback from customers. Ever since the pre-release, there have been customers pre-ordering the new edition every day. “I have to say the product (Mac Edition), like the old ActiveX and Plug-in editions, works like a dream for us. It feels just like the old components for Windows. So after adding this new component, I don’t even have to give my Mac users special ‘notices,'” commented a customer from the testing program.

Besides image acquisition from a TWAIN device, Dynamic Web TWAIN also allows directly loading local images to the control. Mac Edition has taken image loading to a higher level with support for text-based PDF formats, JPEG2000 compression and PSD, TGA image types.