Knock knock – who’s there? Repeal, repeal who?

Knock knock- who’s there? Repeal, repeal who?

Knock knock- who’s there? Repeal, repeal who?

Knock knock- who’s there? Orange you glad we didn’t repeal again?

Well, it looks like this joke of mine might get some good airplay this week. Dem’s and Rep’s are starting the week by ripping into the President’s health care bill.

Now, you noticed I did not say Obamacare… That’s because, in all fairness I would then have to start calling the Republican’s plan, or lack of a plan the “Don’t care” plan. Now, Republicans don’t you dare look down on this humorist and think I am being heavy LEFT handed, “cause even though Americans got problems with this (plan) Bill, It has been a plan for a while. Which now puts it in a “plan of action” mode as opposed to “Republican’s plan of Distraction.”

Now, I am not one-sided on this issue. See, I don’t know that I agree that folks should have to buy insurance or face fines. To me, that’s like saying you need to pay Vinney each month to keep Vinney’s brother from breaking your legs. Let’s just say, we know Vinny (Dem’s) are trying to look like he’s providing us with a good service, but we know he’s pulling our leg.

Then again I see the service in it. Can you imagine treating drivers the same way? You don’t have to have insurance, well; our street would very quickly start looking like a Friday night at the Demolition Derby.

Just so you know, this assessment comes from my years of being dirt poor and having more $500 cars than a used car lot. Wait, I hope my last statement did not make me sound like I crash a lot. I am just pointing out that folks that don’t have money for insurance, junk the old, and buy a new …used.

Either way, stop messing around cause Americans are getting sick and tired of this and I am sure that “Sick & Tired” is not covered under the current health care plans.

PS. I really don’t think it is fair having folks who get health care for free ( you big boys & girls ) to decide what is best for those of us who can’t even afford to pay attentio

Your Friend,

Will Roberts