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Today’s customers are scared, and their buying behavior has changed dramatically. As a result, sales professionals and their companies need to change their sales strategies in order to survive.

These are tough times, but help has arrived: “Up Your Sales in a Down Market” is an easy-to-follow book that will help any sales professional or entrepreneur, no matter what their level.
Up Your Sales in a Down Market is a hands-on guide featuring 20 clearly defined strategies to increase sales. Sales professionals will learn practical skills and easy-to-implement strategies that will enable them to:


  • Win over cautious customers.



  • Help customers overcome fears and objections so they are ready to buy.
  • Avoid and bounce back from a sales slump.
  • Give sales presentations that will convince hard-to-win-over customers.
  • Lead and train sales teams based on the winning habits of top-performing salespeople.

For newcomers to seasoned sales professionals, “Up Your Sales in a Down Market” presents advice and tested practices from top-performing salespeople to help sales professionals and their companies meet and exceed their revenue goals.

“Up Your Sales in a Down Market: 20 Strategies From Top Performing Salespeople to Win Over Cautious Customers”

The book is available at Barnes & Noble,, and many other booksellers.