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The Cadabam Group has organized ANVESHA 2011 where persons
with mental illnesses can undergo rehabilitation programs at various centers
across Karnataka state.

Just like various inter-collegiate meets, corporate or university level
meets, Anvesha motivates the mentally challenged and provide
them with opportunities for growth and inprovement.

The initiative is the only platform for people with mental illnesses where they can compete wholeheartedly and be recognized for their talents.

Illness is no bar to one’s talent and abilities. There is a wider scope for
one’s potential to bloom that must be brought out. As the years go by,
there are more and more people coming forward to support this initiative
especially from the people familiar to this field.  – Sandesh R. Cadabam Director

The journey has evolved and has continued to be a platform for the
individuals for the past 4 years.

The event hosted 150
participants from eight different rehabilitation centers from the state of
Karnataka. The six categories include Debate,
Chess, Carrom, One minute to fame, Pick and Speak and Skits.

The competitions were judged by nine
eminent professionals. One of the participants in the competitions mentioned
that, “Anvesha is not just a festival, but a movement in itself.”

The winners and the runner up for each event were awarded with a trophy.
Team with the maximum scores was the winners of Anvesha Rolling Trophy which
will be awarded by His Excellency Sri H. R. Bharadwaj, Hon’ble Governor of

Cadabam’s Group is a premier organization in the field of Mental Health.
It has been serving people with various forms of mental illnesses for nearly
two decades and to date nearly thousands have been successfully reintegrated
back into the society. It has one of the biggest campuses in the country for
psychiatric rehabilitation spread across 13 acres.