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Barrister Books, operator of the internet’s largest independent legal bookstore network of websites, announced the recent acquisition of assets owned by LawBooksForLess,  including the popular discount law student textbook and its law study aid website.’s high level of brand recognition and existing loyal customer base will definitely contribute towards the company’s further expansion into the law student and legal professional market.

“This acquisition further solidifies our strong position as a market leader in serving both law students and legal professionals. – Richard Andrade CEO BarristerBooks

It also allows us to continue to establish and grow important customer relationships as these students make their way through law school, graduate and then begin and continue their legal careers.”

With the recent launch of the revamped, and websites, as well as our current aggressive push in offering a greatly expanded selection of digital legal materials, including digital law school textbooks and law student study aids, we’re confident that we are well-situated to build upon our reputation as the Internet’s source for legal titles,” said Andrade.

Founded in 1999, BarristerBooks, Inc. is a privately held corporation with corporate headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas, which operates the Internet’s largest independent legal bookstore network of websites, including, and Each website offers 5,000+ titles for pre-law and law students, paralegals, attorneys and the general public.