In 2007, Calumet was identified as one of the poorest performing districts in the state.

This year, it can safely claim that indeed the institution is on its way to the top.

Calumet Public School District 132 results show that grades 3-8 scored significantly higher during the 2011 ISAT for both reading and mathematics.

We really had to dig deep to understand the root causes of Calumet’s barriers to student learning. What we found is that we needed to create ways to instill confidence in both our children and staff and develop our teachers into educational leaders.” – Dr. Elizabeth H. Reynolds Superintendent

Reynolds described the school’s transformation in Part 4 of ENI’s webinar series on “Alignment and Adaptation to the State Standards.”

These include the following:

  • How to work collaboratively with your staff during the alignment process
  • How to fill your curriculum, learning, and instructional delivery gaps
  • Ideas on incorporating the materials and resources you already own

Dr. Reynolds said, “The main focus of School District 132 is student achievement. As a Superintendent, I am obligated to build the organizational structure and environment to ensure that we do everything we can to make our students successful in college and their careers.”

Located in Calumet Park, Illinois, the district serves a high poverty and high minority student population of approximately 1,900 students. The district is made up of one K-2 school, one 3-5 grade elementary school, and one 6-8 grade middle school. The district employs more than 125 staff members, including teachers, support staff, and administrators.