The Louisiana Federation for Children commended the efforts of Gov. Bobby Jindal, the GOP Victory Fund, Sen. David Vitter’s Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority PAC, and the PACs of Louisiana Association of Business & Industry for their instrumental role in electing school reform supporters.

In addition to these critical efforts, the bipartisan PAC played a crucial role in dozens of legislative and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education races, supporting both Democratic and Republican candidates.

These efforts combined to defeat school choice opponents and elect school choice supporters, while raising the profile of education reform and school choice throughout the state.

With the recent release of school letter grades, nearly half of Louisiana public schools are failing, while more than one-third of the state’s students are below grade level. Now, more than ever, we need policymakers who are committed to solving these problems through bold education reforms, including school choice.”  –  Lauren PerryLouisiana Federation for Children

With K-12 education at the top of his 2012 agenda, the re-election of Gov. Jindal, along with other school choice champions, sets the stage for meaningful reform of education in Louisiana.

One effective model of reform is the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence program. The private school voucher program allows qualifying parents to send their children to the participating school of their choice. Currently limited to Orleans Parish, expansion of the program is needed throughout the state.

Perry pointed to the success of the voucher program in New Orleans, where nearly 2,000 children participate with a parental satisfaction rate of 93.4 percent.

When parents are engaged and given access to a school that works for their child, parental satisfaction and student achievement rise. Louisiana voters have spoken, and now it’s time to give parents and children in New Orleans and other cities around our state the additional educational options they are desperately seeking.”