Some 500 graduate level life scientists registered for the Virtual Job Summit hosted by Bio Careers.

All recruits hold degrees from among the top medical graduate schools.It is an opportunity to meet prominent international employers and network with organizations and professionals.

Bio Careers is the leading online career service for graduate level life scientists, serving 40 of the top 55 Graduate Schools and training institutions in the U.S. The company offers a variety of ways for employers to recruit from this talented community, including the industry leading job board, webinars and the Virtual Job Summit.

We are excited about the event because it will allow employers to participate in a remarkable job fair without the time or expense of traveling to a physical location.” – Nick Folger president

Employers will have two looks at candidates—during event ‘office hours’ and in follow-up interviews—to assess their skills and culture fit before investing in bringing them in for interviews.” Folger said.