Perspective, the Midlands-based
pioneers of real-time education
tracking software advises that apprenticeship schemes
should be considered as a means of gaining a foothold on the correct
career path.

With a recent study undertaken by Birmingham university revealing that
nearly a quarter of all UK engineering graduates are currently working
in non-graduate or unskilled jobs.

Despite employers and industry leaders consistently raising their
concerns about the lack of good quality engineering graduates, many
graduates are struggling to find work in their chosen career and in
addition to those in non-skilled work, a further 20 per cent are working
in roles completely unrelated to their degree.

Perspective: Engineering Graduates with Non-Skilled Jobs should Consider Apprenticeship 3

“With nearly 50
per cent of engineering graduates finding it difficult to get into an
appropriate role, apprenticeships schemes should be a real consideration
as a means of getting on the ladder. The government has committed to a
further £222million worth of investment to apprenticeships, taking the
tally up to £1.4billion every year, so they’re certainly held in high
regard.” – Paul Davis managing director of Perspective

Apprenticeship schemes from day one, equip learners with the skills and
knowledge needed to progress well within a chosen occupation which in
turn enhances their motivation and efficiency at work.

Evidence has
shown that apprentices make fewer mistakes once qualified and complete
tasks correctly on their first attempt 80% of the time – this is
compared to just 60% of external recruits.

Paul continued: “Many multinational corporations are now turning to
apprenticeship schemes as a way of expanding their workforce. However, apprentice
monitoring is essential if they are going to deliver to their full
potential. Not only will this allow any problems, such as a drop in
performance or attendance, to be dealt with on the learner side, it also
allows the course to be accurately reviewed and subsequently improved if

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