Priority Power Management, a Texas-based independent energy
management and consulting services firm, has granted a Priority
Power Management Endowment for students of Texas Tech University.

A gift of $ 50,000
will be given to the Center for Energy Commerce which provides
undergraduate merit-based scholarships to students in the Permian Basin
and Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

The Center for Energy Commerce shows the complexity of
the energy industry has expanded far beyond the petroleum land
management focus of previous years.

While oil and gas operations are
still the backbone of the program and many graduates do become in house
landmen, the Energy Commerce department is educating students to enter
the industry as energy lenders, gas marketers, commodity traders, energy
accountants and alternative energy consultants – the list of
opportunities is virtually endless.

Priority Power Grants Endowment for Texas Tech Students 3

Both principals of Priority Power Management are graduates from Texas
Tech University. John J. Bick, Managing Principal of the firm, earned
his Bachelor of Science – Engineering Technology, Construction in 1989.
While Padraig “Pat” Ennis, Founding Principal, earned his Bachelor of
Business Administration – Finance in 1981.

We are pleased to have an opportunity to give back to Texas Tech and
further enhance the university’s ability to attract new students and
continue to develop top talent for careers in the energy industry,” –
John Bick Managing Principal  Priority Power

The energy industry faces many challenges, and yet still
presents many opportunities. Global energy demand is expected to double
in the first half of this century, as such it will become increasingly
important that we continue to develop the next generation of business
leaders in the energy industry to innovate and deploy new technologies
to meet our growing demands,” he emphasized.

With the costs of university education continuing to rise, the
generosity of alumni and friends of Texas Tech in the energy business is
aiding many students to participate in our program who might otherwise
be unable to experience this incredible industry.” – Terry McInturff
director of academics Center for Energy Commerce Texas Tech University