Vascular Designs, Inc., a medical device manufacturing company, announced that its IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter – which received FDA marketing clearance in 2009 – is now in use at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California for the treatment of liver cancer.

The IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter enables targeted sideways perfusion, allowing physicians to precisely target and isolate areas within the body where the infused drugs are delivered. With IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter’s unique design, medications can be delivered into areas that could not previously be treated directly, for instance, a cancerous tumor. The device also facilitates the LACE(TM) (lateral arterial chemo embolization) procedure.

I am pleased that UC Davis Medical Center is a part of the IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter family of hospitals,” – Robert Goldman CEO Vascular Designs & Creator of IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter.

Directing treatment to specific locations increases the number of treatment options allowing better access to tumors and may reduce the discomfort to patients associated with the systemic application of chemotherapy.”

Goldman developed the idea behind Vascular Designs, Inc. and its innovative IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter. His personal experience of watching his sister Amy, suffer from and succumb to cancer, had a profound influence of the creation of IsoFlow(TM) Infusion Catheter.

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