OutMilitary.com, a social network for LGBT service members and their supporters, released a series of interviews from members who served under DADT.

U.S. Navy E-4, Daniel Ianniello, spoke with OutMilitary.com about his career, gay Pride, and being diagnosed HIV positive. With DADT being repealed earlier this year, it is now more important than ever for these stories to be told.

Daniel is a proud gay man and he doesn’t care who knows it. An E-4 in the U.S. Navy and HIV positive, Daniel is an inspiration to us all.” – John McKinnon  OutMilitary.com

For 18 years the brave gay men and women in uniform served in silence. OutMilitary.com is giving them a platform to speak. Our active duty, reserve, and veteran members come together daily to discuss their experience, tell their story, and network.” – Shaun Knittel spokesperson OutMilitary.com

With DADT out of the picture gay and lesbian service members are finding the voice that was taken away from them for so long. These stories need to be told.”

OutMilitary.com provides a supportive environment for “friending,” sharing and networking between active duty military, veterans and supporters – around the world.

It is a “walled garden.” Members are encouraged to design their profile page to specifically fit their personality by adding photos, video and text. Members can chat via chatrooms or one on one. More than just a meeting place for LGBT service members and their supporters, OutMilitary.com is also a source for news and updates on an array of topics tailored for the military community. Members can blog, chat, and connect with one another in a supportive environment.

OutMilitary.com has become the go-to place for the nearly 65,000 active duty gay servicemen and women and an estimated 1 million LGBT veterans.