The  aTavola introduces Piatto, an iPhone App that helps users achieve diet goals using food portion images and daily event tracking.

Piatto is distinguished from other diet apps with its unique database of photos and its feature for choosing portions to meet nutrition goals. Piatto includes options for setting goals, diet types, and tracking food and exercise, plus it integrates with social media. Piatto’s Web site offers instructions and information.

Portion control–being aware of and eating healthy amounts of food–is an important part of weight management,” – Anthony DeLizza, aTavola President

Piatto joins Michelle Obama in, which uses portion plates instead of the food pyramid–promoting portion control and eating a healthy mix. Balancing the amount on your plate to avoid overeating is effective in dieting.

Piatto was developed in Italy where eating–even when dieting–is an enjoyable art,” adds Mr. DeLizza. “We were motivated to develop something for the US market, and The Biggest Loser drove home the usefulness of social interaction. Sharing photos and experiences is for people who enjoy posting progress and success via Facebook. Portion control and reinforcement from friends should help weight loss.”