Riverview Medical Center became part of a research study sponsored by Johns Hopkins University called the Atlantic C-PORT-E Elective Angioplasty trial in may of 2009. The facility was selected to participate in this research study for its high level of experience and outstanding cardiovascular services.

Based on its positive patient outcomes, the state of New Jersey has endorsed Riverview to continue to provide elective angioplasty and stenting to patients at the time of a heart catheterization with the conclusion of the study early this year.

Our program allows patients to have a heart catheterization, in which dye is injected into the coronary arteries of the heart to detect blockages.” – Shaddy K. Younan, M.D. cardiologist Riverview Medical Center

This procedure allows specially trained cardiologists to insert stents into the coronary arteries to open blockages the patient may have. Patients routinely will go home the following day.”

The hospital, part of Meridian Cardiovascular Network, has demonstrated a high level of experience and outstanding Cardiovascular services in offering life-saving angioplasty procedures on an emergent basis since 2004, which makes Riverview uniquely qualified to perform them on an elective basis. As a designated and accredited Chest Pain Center, Riverview’s cardiovascular experts recognize and treat heart attacks quickly, while using an integrated team approach.

This program has provided great satisfaction to our patients.” – Aristotelis E. Vlahos, M.D. medical director Riverview’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

The fact that patients can have both procedures done at the same time if needed eliminates the need for patients to be transferred to another facility that provides the services. Our highly trained team provides the best care possible to patients throughout the communities we serve“.