The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals will hold a symposium by 2012 to honor its professional peers “Our dedicated members are a huge part of iaedp’s success and growth.“- Bonnie Harken Managing Director iaedp Foundation.

We’re very excited about incorporating the Awards Ceremony into our annual Symposium as an important, new step recognizing members for their exemplary support and contributions to eating disorder treatment,” Harken said. Members and non-members, will have four opportunities for recognition:

 -- The Spirit of iaedp Award will be given to a member of iaedp for ten years or more who demonstrates consistent service and loyalty to iaedp's mission. -- The New Professional Award recognizes a member who has been in the field five years or fewer for innovative and substantial contributions to iaedp and the eating disorder treatment field. 

Possible contribution includes organizing a training event, supporting research through a fundraising program or assisting other new professionals. 

-- The Member of the Year Award will honor a member with six or more years of experience in the field who demonstrates noteworthy service to iaedp and consistently exceeds expectations for contributions to the iaedp conference, chapters, program development and good will ambassadorship. 

-- Special Service Recognition Award will award special contributions whenever applicable from a person who may not fit another award category and are not required to be iaedp members.

The Board of Directors and Awards Committee will also present the Fellow of iaedp (F.iaedp), a new category of elevated membership status available to highly committed and accomplished professionals. “The new awards and Fellow status are more than just an acknowledgement of achievement from iaedp.” – Roy Erlichman, Awards Committee member. Award recommendation forms and Fellow of iaedp applications are online at