Domenic Sgambellone, Author of “The America of My Dreams: A Political Manifesto”  announced the formation of a brand new political party Movement in America called “The American People’s Party”.

As more and more Americans become fed up with the way our Government is run such as catering to special interests, high taxation, and their failure to listen to the people, a solution had to be made. That solution is the American People’s Party.

The American People’s Party looks to take shape and start to make a serious run at Washington around the 2014 election. For the 2012 the movement will not have any candidates so as not to be the spoiler but the movement must be a voice to be heard.

This new party looks to completely drastically reform special interest groups, make easier yet effective legislation regarding immigration, revamp the current tax code, and readjust the way our government is run and organized and run.

That includes reforming Congress, and the office of the President.

America needs help; we’re watching our country fall apart before our very eyes. We’re watching morals slide and we’re seeing what’s in the best interest of the people taking a backseat to special interests and selfish political motives. The Government has been corrupt too long and this new party will look to change all this and restore us back to the way our Founding Fathers intended” says Sgambellone

His book “The America of My Dreams: A Political Manifesto” is the outline of what the party stands for and what they intend to do to revitalize America.


You can make donations and contributions to the party through the website at

As America continues down this path of self destruction, citizens can look to the American People’s Party as the sunrise ahead of us for better tomorrow!