Since the election of John F. Kennedy, David Tippie has spent countless hours studying the nature of politics and elected officials. Over the years, one thing has become clear to Tippie: he can’t stand unfulfilled promises. In “President 2012: Patriot or Puppet for Billionaires”, he offers the public his actions for change that are designed to replace the false hopes promised by our leaders today.

Tippie highlights ideas as well as previous leaders that have followed his fresh, non-ideological thinking.

He believes that the most important step is to have a government for the people, which is run and created by the people. He explains “how we should be working based on the guidelines of our republic according to our Constitution and he believes that he has all the qualities to run and improve this country.”

The author states that while it is important to love America as the country’s leader, it is even more important to be honest and upfront with one’s goals and practices such as placed in this book.

He contends that current and previous leaders have simply followed their hidden agendas or dis as they were told by wealthy individuals and organizations who offer to fund their programs. As a candidate “Tippie can’t be misquoted by the media because it is written in this book.

Tippie hopes that his book will pus America on a better set of tracks as we head toward the future. He believes that with the right officials in office, this country will save itself from a pending disaster and help Americans live the life all know that make citizens and our country great.

“President 2012: Patriot or Puppet for Billionaires” is available for sale online at as well as Tippie’s website: and other channels.