Integrated Solutions

AAC, a leader in sensory experiences, showcased its integrated solutions across seven domains – intelligent automotive, acoustics, haptic feedback, XR, optics, precision manufacturing, and sensors & semiconductors, aiming to accelerate AI’s role in shaping the future of the digital world.

In the acoustics and haptics world, they presented Opera, a coaxial speaker designed for smartphones. The design ensures a seamless frequency response, miniaturized application of Hi-Fi technology, and enhanced mobile audio experiences.

AAC participated in CES 2024, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology show. It exhibited acoustic solutions for tablets and laptops, featuring a 6 speakers system for frequency division between high and low tones, delivering an exceptional high-end product experience.

They innovatively introduced the latest combo solution, combining master-level acoustic technology with X-axis linear actuators. The combo solution is currently implemented in the Redmi Note13 Pro+ for mass production.

AAC Showcases Seven Integrated Solutions at CES 2024 Accelerating AI

AAC Showcases Seven Integrated Solutions at CES 2024 Accelerating AI


In the realm of haptics, AAC presented the latest-generation actuator, CSA+0916 Turbo, pushing the limits of tactile experiences on smartphones. Additionally, they showcased the RichTap® Creator toolkit, a hardware-software integrated solution that provides complete design and display tools for haptic effects on desktop and mobile platforms.

Intelligent Vehicles

In the realm of intelligent vehicles, the booth showcased a car-specific ultra-slim speaker, the USS 3060, and the vibration-free woofer, the VFW 160. Amplifier products were also showcased, including the newly developed 20-channel amplifier.

Smart Automotive

AAC’s smart automotive super-sensory solution covers modules such as haptics, image capture systems, MEMS sensory systems, and motor execution systems.


In the realm of XR, AAC brought a high-quality 3P Pancake demo, an AR glasses demo in collaboration with Dispelix, and an audio glasses demo. AAC also introduced an integrated XR acoustic solution for exclusive acoustic devices.


In the realm of optics, AAC exhibited WLG aspheric prisms, a 4-inch 152-cavity WLG wafer, as well as optical actuators and module solutions.

Precision Manufacturing

In the realm of precision manufacturing, AAC showcased technical solutions and demos such as hinges for foldable phones and LHP VC cooling technology.

Sensor and Semiconductor

In the realm of sensor and semiconductor, AAC exhibited low-power digital microphones, smart microphones, automotive microphones, and high-performance sensors.

AAC Keys

  • Showcased integrated solutions across seven domains at CES 2024.
  • Presented innovative acoustics and haptics solutions for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Latest combo solution for higher-quality haptic feedback and acoustic experiences.
  • Haptic technology advancements for smartphones and gaming controllers.
  • Intelligent vehicle solutions including ultra-slim speakers, vibration-free woofers.
  • Demonstrated XR solutions including AR glasses and audio glasses.
  • Optics solutions such as aspheric prisms and optical actuators.
  • Precision manufacturing solutions including hinges for foldable phones
  • New cooling technology.
  • Sensor and semiconductor technologies including microphones and sensors.