SMA Alliance asserts that November 2011 is not only turning out to be another promising month for growth, but an astonishing month for sales.

Second week’s financials indicate additional signing of 12 dealerships increasing SMA’s annualized revenue by $ 447,000.00 per year. Financial reports show that to date of this 4th quarter, the total annualized revenue has increased by two million dollars ($ 2,000,000.00). As the month of November moves towards the end, SMA is positioned to have another record breaking month.

Contracts with GM Certified dealers are a major benefit and a contributing factor to the more recent, successful months at SMA Alliance. Major vehicle manufacturers continually monitor and track competition. Once the success of these GM Certified dealers is recognized by the automotive community, SMA Alliance is encouraged that other major, certified dealers will follow.

Mr. Anthony Baker, CEO of SMA Alliance, stated, “Even though Thanksgiving is approaching fast, we’re seeing a push for sales at our dealerships. Watching and tracking our sales, I truly believe that 2011 will surprise all of us here at SMA. As the year end approaches, we’ll be stepping up our marketing approaches to entice dealerships for Christmas and New Year Sales.”