Protecode, an innovative provider of open source adoption and management solutions, has completed its suite of open source software license management solutions by introducing new reporting capabilities, workflow enhancements, and integration with additional development platforms.

Protecode System 4 now has capabilities to address all stages of a quality open source software adoption and management process, which begins by utilizing Protecode Enterprise Server for establishing policies and managing users and groups.

The Code Administrator implements a package request and approval process within an organization, streamlining the interactions between development and project management or legal groups. Enterprise Analyzer™ then establishes a base line scan of the existing content, analyzing content shipped to market or received from external parties such as contractors.

For real-time analysis throughout the development process there is Library Auditor™ for analysis of software in repositories on check-in and Developer Assistant™ for analysis at the developer’s desktop. Enhancements with Library Auditor include integration with the Git version control system, enabling real-time analysis and management of software attributes.

Git joins other platform integration capabilities of System 4 such as SVN, Perforce, and IBM Rational ClearCase. Finally, Build Analyzer™ provides analysis of final artifacts during the build process and creating license certificates.

Enhancements to System 4 include analysis that leads to optimized identification of licensing and copyrights associated with the software components, encryption content, export control classification numbering, and security vulnerabilities.

Reporting options are now optimized for minimum manual post-processing, and include high level executive reports, detailed forensic reports, snippet matching to open source content, easy-to-follow license obligations reports, and reports on license compatibilities, encryption content and security vulnerabilities.

New capabilities in Protecode’s System 4 simplify usage, and reduce manual effort involved in a structured open source software adoption process.” – Ankur Mehrotra Managing Director Meteonic Innovation India.

Protecode is making it easy for organizations to leverage open source code by reducing their development efforts, increasing development velocity, and eliminating risks.”

Protecode will demonstrate its System 4 product capabilities at Open Source India, November 20-22, at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bengaluru.