eVoice, a “Radically Better Phone Number” and brand of technology leader in Global Communications announced the availability of its latest mobile application for Apple devices.

Now, owners of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network using VoIP. This saves precious cell phone minutes while helping to reduce the chance of dropped phone calls.

Essentially, the new eVoice Mobile App transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a multi-purpose business phone system with powerful features, including:

  • Make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or 3G/4G network using VoIP
  • 24/7 auto attendant to answer and route inbound calls professionally
  • Multiple extensions for employees, including intercom functionality
  • Enhanced voice mail service with transcriptions and audio files sent to email or text
  • Advanced call handling features including call screening

Additionally, the new eVoice Mobile App enables iPhone users to keep their personal phone number private by maintaining a separate eVoice line for business use on the same device.

Smart phones and tablet devices are becoming more powerful every day and are starting to replace desktops and laptops as the business tool of choice.” – Mike Pugh vice president marketing j2 Global

With eVoice and its new app, people can detach themselves from their desk and still conduct business, without worrying about cell phone coverage issues or dwindling minutes.”

eVoice Transforms the Mobile Device Into A Business-Class Phone System

According to a survey of small and mid-sized business owners conducted by The Business Journals (a division of the American City Business Journals) earlier in 2011, and reported in a press release posted on smallbiztrends.com, the use of desktops and laptops is decreasing while the use of smart phones and mobile applications is on the rise. Thirty-seven percent of SMB owners surveyed have used a smartphone or a PDA in the past year — a 10 percentage point increase over the previous year(1). Another survey conducted in 2010 by market research firm Techaisle found that one-fifth of the small businesses in the U.S., U.K., Brazil and Germany surveyed used iPads.(2)

The new eVoice Mobile App helps solve the problem of dropped calls in environments notorious for poor connectivity, such as a subway, train, basement office or a rural home office. Many of these locations often have good WiFi connections even when 3G/4G networks are unavailable. Utilizing the eVoice mobile application with a WiFi connection in these environments can help enable users enjoy clear, reliable communications in areas with limited cellular coverage.

New Intercom Feature Saves Money and Minutes

The new eVoice Mobile App’s new Intercom feature provides a simple way for eVoice customers to instantly communicate with their most important contacts. By assigning extensions to employees, business contacts, or even family members — eVoice users can communicate with these contacts without using any of their eVoice or mobile carrier minutes.

Key benefits of the eVoice app’s new VoIP features allow users to:

  • Reduce cell phone minute usage (and bills) when making and receiving calls over a data connection using WiFi or a 3G/4G network
  • Answer every call appropriately with the ability to see caller ID and the extensions dialed on your incoming calls
  • Easily connect with important contacts with eVoice’s unique Intercom feature
  • Choose the way calls are placed or received with an easy “on” “off” VoIP calling feature

The eVoice Mobile App is free to download and use immediately. With a six-month free trial offer, eVoice makes it easier than ever for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to be more professional, efficient and mobile.