This expo is the largest of its kind in Central America and offers companies in the telecommunications sector a platform from which to promote their new products and services.

This year’s conference focuses on the theme of “Cuidades Inteligentes” – in English “Smart Cities” – a Costa Rican redevelopment project which seeks to bring the latest technologies to the country’s urban environments.

The format of Expo Telecom Costa Rica is an exhibition coupled with assorted presentations, keynote speeches from industry experts, roundtable events and public sector trade talks.

Majority of the country’s leading telecoms professionals will head to San Jose for the event.

The expo will be held at the Hotel Real Intercontinental in downtown San Jose, the heart of the city’s business district.

Conference delegates and attendees who wish to stay near the event venue for networking purposes are advised to book their accommodations immediately.

The Costa Rican telecommunications sector is certainly on an upswing and events like Expo Telecom Costa Rica are testament to that. With so many of the industry’s leading executives and professionals in San Jose for the event the availability of value for money accommodation will be lower than usual.” – Lek Boonler marketing head