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Prism Skylabs has raised $ 1.5 million in seed funding from investors, including technology industry veteran Yuri Milner, founder and CEO of StumbleUpon as well as former CEO of, Aaron Patzer.

The company also received assistance from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Ron Conway’s and David Lee’s SV Angel, and CrunchFund.

The accomplished team of investors we have put together speaks of the massive opportunity we see. Prism Skylabs is setting out to truly disrupt how consumers interact and engage with physical spaces online, as well as create entirely new revenue streams for all kinds of businesses.” – Steve Russell Prism Skylabs CEO

Prism’s game-changing vision, coupled with the seasoned team capable of executing against it, makes Prism Skylabs something truly unique and a company on track to disrupt the industry,”- David Lee,  SV Angel managing member