Bright Computing has formed a strategic partnership with PARATERA,
a high performance computing software and services company
based in Beijing.

Under the terms of the agreement, PARATERA will resell Bright
Cluster Manager throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It is a complete solution for configuring, provisioning,
monitoring, scheduling and managing HPC, GPU, Hadoop, and storage

China is one of the world’s fastest-growing, highest-potential HPC
markets. It has already shown its prowess by seizing the number one spot
on the TOP500 list a year ago, and moving into second place for the
number of systems on the list.” – Steve Conway IDC research vice

The undertaking can support the growth of this market by providing solutions designed to
help existing users and many expected new users to manage their HPC
systems productively.”

PARATERA Partnership with Bright Computing for Expanding Chinese HPC Market 3

China is firmly committed to advancing supercomputing as a means to
drive commercial and scientific breakthroughs.” – Dr. Chen Jian CTO

One of the most critical factors for delivering the required speed and
processing power within in an HPC environment is to ensure that clusters
can support the massive computations in the most efficient, accurate and
expedient way possible.

If these clusters are not properly managed or
monitored, jobs can crash unexpectedly, compute resources needlessly
idled, delaying results and negatively impact the time and money
invested in HPC.

To address these business and technical issues, Bright
Cluster Manager enables users to tightly manage their clusters with
complete visibility to all system elements and increase efficiency by
automating tasks.

The company also identifies system problems and sidelines
underperforming nodes before they impact performance, ensuring the
maximum productivity from clusters.