MyReviewsNow online shopping features HobbyTron, a leading retailer of recreational remote control technology.

HobbyTron carries an extensive selection of remote control cars, full kits, toys, and new and used vehicles along with an assortment of other products.

Shoppers looking for remote control cars can search through 17 categories to find the model that fits their budget.

Each model is clearly marked with its normal MSRP and the HobbyTron price, so customers can see exactly how much money they will save over the manufacturer’s price.

Every model page explains the car’s features, physical specifications, battery or power requirements.

Although shoppers can start their search with the all categories, the selection may be overwhelming for first-time buyers. The three sections offering package deals allow newcomers to start with the necessary equipment in a single box.

Cars powered by electricity have become popular in the real world, and HobbyTron offers a full line of electric RC models.

The Cheap RC Cars category allows customers to look at entry-level models that may be suitable for children. Although the cheap models may lack some of the full features of the expensive cars, they are easily replaced if a child has an accident while learning how to drive. Prices are $50 and below for most models, while the others cost $20.

Customers should check the buggy section if they want their vehicles to handle rugged off-road conditions. Buggies have a wider wheelbase and thick tires for greater stability on uneven ground.

Enthusiasts can also find extra equipment such as batteries, paint, and related body parts in the category.

HobbyTron has full sections dedicated to clearance and wholesale items for shoppers on a budget, and a rotating 1-Day Deal is always offered on the website. It cuts 50 percent to 80 percent off the total cost of a model.