Competition strengthens the bonds of friendship. That’s the maxim that the new web series “Total Bragging Rights” puts to the test in its series premiere launched recently on YouTube. Featuring fun, friendship, and friendly competition; “Total Bragging Rights” highlights the passion, humor and joy that friendly competition brings about in its contestants.

Each episode of “Total Bragging Rights” features a new set of two best friends who compete against one another in competitive, contestant-generated challenges. After selecting six events each, contestants eliminate two of their friend’s choices, bid on the remaining eight events, and then play them out.

There are several bonus rounds and the person who has garnered the most points at the end of each episode, wins “Total Bragging Rights.” During each episode, contestants also discuss their background and offer amusing anecdotes about their lives and friendship. After ten episodes, fans will vote on the top two teams to compete in the season finale.

The series premiere features Morgan and Cortney, two MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Ring girls who also model on the side. Their mutual friend, Hueston, is enlisted to referee the challenges. After arm wrestling to see who goes first, the two friends compete in a variety of events including skateboarding, Tug-O-War, sit ups, running jump rope, a speed makeup challenge and swimming.

Every Thursday a new segment of “Total Bragging Rights” will be posted online at Fans are encouraged to upload original song videos to the show’s YouTube channel with the possibility of having their music selected as a featured song on one segment of the show. Friends interested in becoming contestants should email [email protected] and briefly explain why the producers should select them as contestants (Both contestants must be over 18 and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area).

“Total Bragging Rights” is a new web series featuring two best friends competing at a number of fun, contestant-generated challenges. For more information about Total Bragging Rights, please visit or watch the latest segment at

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