Jenne Inc., a value-added distributor of IP telephony, audio and video conferencing, data networking and IT security products, is collaborating with Logitech to distribute bundled unified communications accessories designed to help mitigate the traditional IT-related challenges of sourcing and implementing compatible headsets, speakerphones and cameras. These will be used with desktop unified communications software.

The bundled offering — which enables resellers to deliver quality UC peripherals under a single brand — ensures compliance and optimization of UC accessory devices while eliminating many of the support issues that may arise if UC accessories are sourced from multiple vendors.

IT departments routinely face compatibility, quality and maintenance challenges associated with implementing UC solutions for desktop users. Whether a user is situated in a remote office or company headquarters, it can be difficult to source compatible accessories optimized for unified communications. Frequently, users end up purchasing poor quality consumer peripherals for use with their softphones and other UC software, This can often result in IT administrators and other professionals wasting precious support resources troubleshooting peripherals that are incompatible or inferior.

Now, Jenne is carrying off-the-shelf UC bundles from a single brand: Logitech. The bundles, which are created by Logitech and Jenne especially for Jenne resellers, include a combination of essential UC accessories such as a high-definition camera and either a personalized desktop speakerphone or a headset. Each included peripheral been designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern UC desktop installation to provide the highest possible quality of audio and video.

We are excited to be offering these comprehensive UC accessory bundles with Jenne.” – Ken Oberman Vice President Business Sales Logitech

“By offering a bundled solution under a single brand, we are able to ensure a high quality, seamless user communications experience, while alleviating many of the IT headaches that can accompany ad hoc solutions,” he said.

Our new bundled offering from Logitech allows us to offer a single accessory solution under a single brand.” – Vince Piccolomini Vice President Logistics and Business Development Jenne

This not only simplifies installation and support issues, but also provides a customized, comprehensive, enterprise-class bundled solution specifically focused on the desktop. By deploying Logitech UC bundles IT managers can remove both incompatibility and quality related accessory issues from their environments and remain focused on mission critical support tickets,” Piccolomini stated.

For Jenne solutions providers involved in unified communications deployments and integrations, the Logitech peripherals bundles provide a valuable add-on solution that is compatible with the overwhelming majority of hardware and software equipment from the major telephony and communications manufacturers.

When end-customers make a decision on their audio and video peripherals along with their unified communications solutions, they can select the most appropriate bundled solutions, making the cost basis more predictable and easier to manage. The Logitech peripherals bundles are available now to all Jenne authorized resellers.