Clipcanvas has grown to become one of the largest online services where you can buy video clips to use in video production.

It has more than 230.000 professional and royalty-free video clips in their rapidly expanding collection.

Clipcanvas today announced it is also offering online video editing and a small but growing selection of free video clips that users can download and use at no cost.

These clips are offered by courtesy of the large and evolving base of videographers, producers and film photographers currently selling their works through the service.

The early trial-beta for the online video editor allows people to add clips, text and effects, clip, trim and edit your work, and also include royalty-free music.

At present, you can buy and download video clips via the service like usual, but in the future you will also be able to create your entire video on Clipcanvas and download this directly.

The main idea behind the video editor is to give users the opportunity to easily make video online at low cost.

Developing Clipcanvas has always been about giving the customers what they want and to make it as easy for them as possible to create videos and use video clips. When we added options so users could download any codec or format they wanted, this was done to avoid issues with cross-platform proprietary software or video technology, thus keeping it simple. As far as I know, we were the first to be offering this, and I believe we are still the only service doing it at this level, much to the benefit of our clients.” – Cato Salter CEO

We now see a strong and growing demand for stock footage to use professionally, but some of our newer and less experienced users often do not have the expertise to handle different codecs but they still want to make videos to use on their websites, blogs, in-store and for events and presentations. This is why we decided to bring video editing into the service.”

While the editor is still in early trial-beta, it is possible to create video projects and save these for later. When the full version is released is not yet determined, and depends on a number of factors, according to Cato.

At the moment, we are just biding our time to see what kind of response we are getting on this. So far, we are quite happy with the results. In any case, this is not going to interfere with our traditional offering of royalty-free stock footage and video clips. It is more a way of adding value for the users by expanding the offering. We really look forward to releasing this in full ourselves, and all our friends and followers will be duly notified of course.