Retailer Courts establishes a partnership with Lantone Systems for a series of upgrades implemented for the Courts IVR system and aimed at fulfilling its promise to its customers.

Upgrades include extended interactive voice prompts which will help answer customer queries more efficiently with the system taking on 33% of the calls while Courts call-center agents attend to the remaining 67% of calls. This will ensure shorter response lead-times and improved customer satisfaction levels.

With a new and improved call centre system, all calls will be monitored closely and a more detailed reporting format will be generated to give in-depth feedback, allowing supervisors the flexibility to fine-tune the centre’s performance and ultimately, cater to customers’ needs more effectively.

As a partner to a retailer that has a very wide customer base and varied consumer queries, we are able to call upon our expertise in call center technology to provide Courts with a cost effective and tailor made solution.” – Sandeep Singhania Technical Director Lantone Systems.

Our experience allows us to study Courts’ needs in detail and equip them with the right software and backend equipment to help them take their customer satisfaction levels to an all time high.”

At the heart of Courts is our customers and hence, we are always in search of new ways to improve our products and services as part of our promise to our customers.” – Christina Oliver Director of Customer Service Courts (Singapore)

Our call centre, next to our sales-floor personnel, is our first line of contact with customers, which is why it is always under constant review. Through our partnership with Lantone Systems, we are confident that their excellent infrastructure and experience will help us attain new levels of efficiency in our call centre, and bring high satisfaction to our customers.”

The improvements and upgrades to Courts’ call centre will be conducted in phases and is targeted to be completed by December 2011.