Blue Coat Systems, a company engaged in web security and WAN optimization solutions has added the capacity to scale and optimize encrypted Adobe Flash video in addition to the video delivery capabilities already integrated with Blue Coat® MACH5 WAN Optimization appliances.

The MACH5 solution includes a combination of stream-splitting, pre-population and advanced video caching technologies to scale the use of live or on-demand internal company video, as well as external Web video, with minimal network impact.

This prevents video from saturating a company’s Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet gateway, or crippling the performance of other business critical applications while making video available to employees throughout the company.

Most companies want to significantly increase their use of internal video for training and communication but are limited by the capacity constraints of their existing WAN links to branch offices.” – Steve Daheb chief marketing officer and senior vice president Blue Coat Systems “Blue Coat removes most of the network impact associated with video by fully integrating video optimization with our MACH5 WAN optimization solution to accelerate a full range of business traffic, including Web, cloud and video applications,” he explained.

Blue Coat video optimization already includes the ability to optimize Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5, QuickTime and Microsoft Windows Media. The addition of optimization for RTMPe and RTMPte encrypted Flash expands the MACH5 capabilities to optimize video used by providers for maintaining end-user digital rights management (DRM).

This is especially critical as enterprises leverage cloud-delivered video services for news and analysis related to their industries. Rather than a third-party add-on, the video optimization capabilities provided by the MACH5 solution are an integral part of its architecture and scales to support large numbers of users.

For instance, a single stream of live video from corporate headquarters can be split to serve hundreds of users in a branch office with little more impact than serving a single user. In addition, video optimization can be conducted simultaneously with acceleration of enterprise applications, such as SharePoint or SAP.

Blue Coat takes a comprehensive approach to WAN optimization with its MACH5 appliances and virtual appliances by enabling businesses to better utilize the potential presented by their WAN. The MACH5 WAN Optimization solution accelerates remote branch office access to files, email, storage and enterprise applications as well as Web, cloud and video applications.

The Blue Coat approach to next generation WAN optimization can enhance branch office collaboration, improve productivity and accelerate business applications.