MEDL Mobile Holdings, an incubator and aggregator of mobile technology, launched its first signature mobile application by DJ Pauly D of MTV’s hit reality TV show “Jersey Shore.” The app is the artist and TV star’s mobile debut as part of his deal signed with MEDL earlier this year to develop a series of apps featuring him and his brand.

“DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk” is available now on the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.

“DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk” is a throwback, 8-bit side scroller featuring a miniature, fist-pumping DJ who must traverse the Jersey Shore boardwalk in search of drinks, dates, clean laundry, workouts and the perfect tan — all while dodging opponents like muscle heads and “grenades.”

Players can duck into various boardwalk shops like the Gym, the Tanning Salon and the Laundromat for power ups and extra points. Players can also unlock the Italian Riviera version for additional challenges against an Italian backdrop. In addition, the app is integrated with Facebook so that players can share high scores and levels.

MEDL was the obvious choice for me given their track record in creating original, outside-the-box mobile apps and their focus on celebrity-branded apps,” said Pauly D. “I’m really happy with ‘DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalkand I think my fans will love it.” “DJ Pauly D has captured the heart of pop culture, and it’s been fascinating to work with one of America’s favorite DJs.” – Dave Swartz MEDL Mobile co-founder & chief creative officer

We had a great time working with him and creating a game that we think his fans are really going to relate to.” “The early response we’ve seen for ‘DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk’ is very encouraging not only for MEDL and Pauly D, but for the celebrity-branded apps niche that is continuing to trend upward.” – Andrew Maltin MEDL Mobile co-founder and chief executive officer.

By creating a way for celebrities to extend their products and brand value by connecting directly with their fans via mobile, we’re taking celebrity-fan interaction and all its inherent benefits to a new level.”

Born in Providence, R.I., Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio is recognized for his musical talent as well as his reality star status on MTV’s highest
rated show, “Jersey Shore,” which premiered in December 2009.

On August 7, 2011 Pauly won “Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star” at the Teen Choice Awards after being nominated for the second year in a row. Pauly received more recognition being voted the #8 Best DJ in America in 2010 and was nominated again in 2011, but his notoriety did not come overnight. At the age of 16, long before his “Jersey Shore” fame, Pauly started as a DJ and that is where his passion remains.

Pauly has spent the past year working on a Miracle Whip commercial, a line of personalized greeting cards with StarGreetz, his own iPad application and a partnership in the Dirty Couture clothing line.

One of Pauly’s other passions is giving back to the community and he has worked with The Boomer Esiason Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, GLAAD, GLSEN, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.