Princeton Community Hospital recently added the Tru-D SmartUVC(TM) Room Decontamination System to its arsenal of new technology that helps disinfect environmental surfaces in patient rooms and in operating room suites.

Using traditional cleaning protocols, Princeton’s dedicated housekeeping staff has consistently kept the hospital environment as pathogen-free as possible. This new device simply adds one more layer of protection against healthcare-associated pathogens.

Tru-D technology is an automated, remotely operated mobile disinfection system that self-adjusts to the size and content dynamics of any room to deliver an ideal dose of cleansing germicidal ultraviolet light to the space. Ultraviolet light has been used for many years in a variety of applications for food, air and water purification. UV light is effective in destroying the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores, thus rendering them harmless.” – Larry Perdue Director Surgical Services PCH

This technological advancement introduced to the area through Princeton Community Hospital places it on the leading edge of medical care in southern West Virginia.

Princeton’s CEO, Wayne B. Griffith, challenges his staff to provide the highest level of healthcare. Griffith researched the claims of several emerging disinfection technologies.

We looked at a number of technologies. Tru-D’s SmartUVC(TM) method was the only device with multiple, device-specific peer-reviewed studies that gave us the confidence to invest in this automated environmental disinfection technology. This same device is being used by Duke University Medical Center. Our goal at Princeton Community Hospital is to provide ongoing improvements in patient safety and quality of care, and Tru-D is an excellent tool in our pursuit of that mission,” he said.

We understand that every patient has a choice in healthcare facilities. We’re helping to make that choice a bit easier by integrating advanced germicidal disinfection equipment that improves the quality of healthcare for the citizens of Mercer and surrounding counties,” stated Griffith. “We are invested in our patients’ health, wellness and peace of mind. This is just one less thing that our patients and their families have to worry about.”