Dialogic , a provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, cited five of its partners in India as part of Dialogic’s recently launched Solution Showcase. The Dialogic Solution Showcase recognizes a variety of cutting-edge communications solutions that are built on Dialogic┬« technology, including mobile and telecom value-added services and telephony solutions.

Dialogic’s Solution Showcase acknowledges its partners’ communications solutions which have been market-tested and are generating revenue throughout the world. Each solution is recognized for its innovative nature as well as its market-proven reliability, ease of deployment and scalability.

India is at the forefront of current trends in technology and communications, and the Solution Showcase helps draw attention to the many Dialogic partners in India that are leading the way in domestic and global markets, including:

  • Spice Digital: Provides global mobile VAS solutions to network operators and enterprises, reaching 50 million subscribers with 100 million daily transactions. Spice Digital utilizes Dialogic’s technology for its many VAS offerings. Highlighted in the Solution Showcase is a Live Darshan service offering, which allows its subscribers to view live telecasts of Aartis performed at various temples and mosques — even those that are thousands of kilometers away — straight from their 3G handset.
  • Comviva: A global leader in providing mobile solutions beyond VAS. Comviva’s innovative service, Color Ring Back Tones (CRBT), works by replacing the conventional ring tone that a caller hears with a specific tune that can be personalized by the call recipient. CRBT currently serves over 13 million subscribers in a single operator network and is deployed by over 20 operators across the globe.
  • mCarbon: A leading telecom VAS company in India specializing in core network VAS solutions. The mCarbon Call Complete solution offers the calling party the option to leave a voice message via Voice SMS if the call cannot be completed. The calling party will know the reason why the call is not completed, such as if the receiving person’s phone is switched off, so the caller can know there is little value in calling again, thus incentivizing the caller to use mCarbon’s Call Complete service.
  • Bay Talkitec (BTT): A leading computer telephony company with over 70 percent market segment share in India. The company’s new Smart line intercept (Smart LI) application allows for robust and sophisticated 3G video call interceptions that are designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies. It allows for real-time interception and monitoring via 3G mobile handsets, softphones or IP-video phones. Smart LI also enables both voice and video recording.
  • 6d Technologies: A trusted technology partner to telecom service providers worldwide. 6d’s Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Center is an application platform targeted at GSM operators who are seeking to offer interactive messaging services to increase revenue. The USSD Center allows delivery of USSD messages of up to 182 characters on a network between mobile stations and applications. Because of its inherent nature of being session-oriented, USSD can be up to seven times faster than SMS. It is also user friendly and does not require additional technology upgrades or equipment changes for consumers.

The solutions of our partners in India, including those currently highlighted as part of our Solution Showcase, are indicative of how innovative and sophisticated the communications industry is in the region, and we’re proud that Dialogic’s technology contributes to that,” – Eamonn Kearns vice president APAC sales Dialogic

To learn more about the Solution Showcase and how you can connect with Dialogic’s partners, visit www.dialogic.com/showcase.