Ez Texting announced the hottest events and developments during its first annual review in the mobile phone industry,

These include:

Androids make gains

Android phones now make up more than 50 plus percent of the smartphone market in the United States. In addition, smartphones now represent half of all phones sold in the nation. This development offers a huge prospect for text message marketing.

Future of BlackBerry

RIM, the maker of BlackBerry phones, is in what seems like the early-to-mid stages of a death spiral. However, there are a few questions about the future of the industry. For example, now that Nokia adopted Windows Phone will Windows emerge as a viable mobile OS and will it replace BlackBerry or eat in to Android/iOS? Mobile flash is a headache no one will have to endure. And mobile payments are becoming a reality, finally.

These are just a few of the features displayed in the blog article. “These things all setup an even crazier 2012,” Josh Malin of Ez Texting says. “If you’re a news junkie you are plugged into this stuff and follow it day by day, but in a year like this, with so many massive developments, if you don’t pay attention for a few days you’re likely to miss important news.”

Even if you do follow the news every day, it’s useful to step back and review everything that just happened, and think about what that means for next year.

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