Mo-DV, an innovator of HD content delivery to consumers, announced that it supports the “Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative” consortiums effort to enhance secure delivery of content over USB flash drives and SD cards for use in consumer equipment such as tablets and smartphones.

For more information and analysis of this major agreement please contact Mo-DV’s COO Aaron Gray at [email protected].

Mo-DV’s proven technology not only enables secure content management solutions, but also automatically orients and sizes content to fit different screen sizes and shapes, ranging from low to full high-resolution HD.” – Jessica Fullmer CEO Mo-DV

The patented technology from Mo-DV is ready to go and meet the consortiums’ goal of deployment in 2012,“she said.

Mo-DV’s common medium technology allows playback of movie content from flash memory devices on all platforms regardless of operating environment. Its software-based copy protection is an unbroken anti-copy solution for delivering movies stored on flash memory devices.

Movie delivery through flash memory devices solves the problem of the lack of wireless bandwidth needed for streaming and downloading. The technology also enables the rapid loading of movies direct from a kiosk to a device, permitting, for example, a two-hour HD movie to load in seconds.

Mo-DV will be hosting a suite during CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) 2012, held in Las Vegas, NV January 10 through January 13, 2012.