Trick or Treat!

When a new friend’s request suddenly pops out on your Facebook account, it just might leave you wondering if it will be a trick or a treat to have them back in your life.

Amanda Strong, author of the new book With Just One Click, says, “Beware, once the mask comes off, re-friending an ex just might be the ultimate trick this Halloween!”

In “With Just One Click,” Strong delves into the controversial world of cyber-relationships and shows it’s all about the ‘ex.’

Chloe Brennan receives a friend request from an ex she hasn’t seen for 17 years.

Morgan and EJ Davis have a solid marriage but jealousy creeps in when EJ is ‘friended’ by his sexy ex. Brynn Haggerty is an unhappy wife and mother until she begins to find the time and attention she’s been missing through an online relationship with her ex. Insightful and controversial, “With Just One Click” explores the world of:

– Social Networking – confirming a friend request may not be as innocent as it seems

– Digital Drama Queens – read everything with a ‘grain of salt’

– Cyber-relationships – can you be ‘just friends’ with an ex

– Fidelity – is a cyber-relationship cheating on your partner

– Friendship – is it really friendship if all your ‘dialogue’ is online

– Communication – how social networking is redefining the term

“Just remember,” says Strong, “the ability to contact friends – and ex’s – with just one click opens up a world of endless opportunities that could turn a potential treat into a trick!”