By Dr. Jerry Lockhart, CPA

According to the Retirement Confidence Survey, for 2011 only 10% of workers have saved over $ 250,000 for retirement and a sobering 29% have less than $ 1000 saved. Add in the sluggish economy and record number of home foreclosures, and the future is bleak for those anticipating their not-so-golden years.

Is there any hope? The good news is yes there is – the bad news is you need to start planning for your retirement … immediately. Dr. Jerry Lockhart, CPA and author of “A Secret Code to Wealth: Building a Million-Dollar Retirement Nest Egg in Just 7 Years,” says, “No matter where you are in life financially, you can reach your retirement goals in seven years.”

With worksheets, and using practical steps to reduce debt and increase assets, “A Secret Code to Wealth” gives sensible advice to help make your retirement dreams come true and, best of all, it’s never too late to start. Not a get-rich-quick book, A Secret Code to Wealth* helps you develop your own retirement plan giving you the expertise and tools you need to make informed retirement decisions.

A Secret Code to Wealth explains topics and tips such as:

  • Planning for a career or job that covers your basic needs and allows you to put aside 20% of your earnings for retirement
  • How to build your custom-made emergency fund to cover unexpected situations
  • How to pay off all your debts during the seven year plan
  • Protecting your wealth with proper insurance planning
  • Selecting a sound, custom-made investment plan
  • Estate planning to distribute your wealth

“You are responsible for your own retirement,” reminds Dr. Lockhart. “Yet you may not realize that probably the most expensive asset you will ever purchase in your lifetime is not your home but your retirement nest egg.”

Dr. Jerry Lockhart was born and raised in Monroe, LA and relocated to Las Vegas, NV after high school where he earned his Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has over 40 years experience in accounting and tax industry fields. He is the first African American CPA in Nevada and the first African American to serve on the Nevada Gaming Commission. He is also an accounting professor at the College of Southern Nevada and heads up his own CPA firm.


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