A new biography of Ronald Reagan will focus exclusively on the relationship between his experiences as an actor and his success as a politician.

Written for a general audience, “RONALD REAGAN’S ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE: How Hollywood Prepared America’s 40th President for the World Stage”is a fun look at Reagan’s movie career – and contains over 100 photos, including some from the Reagan Family collection.

John Shaffner, Chairman of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, has called it a “great book.”

Film producer J. Herbert Klein has long wanted to write about Reagan, his superior officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps First Motion Picture Unit.

I owe my career in the movie business to Ronald Reagan. He gave me a chance to learn the ropes, and put me in charge of a critical project,” Klein remarked.

Last year, Klein decided he was ready to tell Reagan’s Hollywood story – and began to work with veteran writer Melanie Villines on the book. Together, they completed “RONALD REAGAN’S ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE” to celebrate the 40th president’s centennial in 2011.

The book takes a behind-the-scenes look at Reagan’s movie career – from his 1937 debut as a crime-fighting reporter in “Love Is On the Air” to his 1957 appearance as a commander in Hellcats of the Navy. During this 20-year-period, Reagan worked with the biggest stars in the business and delivered Oscar-worthy performances as George “The Gipper” Gipp in Knute Rockne, All American and Drake McHugh in Kings Row.

Based on extensive research into original film production files as well as interviews with virtually all living stars who worked with Reagan, it offers a unique perspective on The Great Communicator’s movie career and reveals how his experiences in Hollywood prepared him for the world stage as president of the United States.

RONALD REAGAN’S ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE is available in hardcover and softcover at Amazon.com.