Starting December 30, 2023, KLab Inc., a pioneering force in online mobile gaming, kicks off Round 1 of their eagerly anticipated New Year’s Campaign for the acclaimed game, Bleach: Brave Souls. This initiative is a gesture of appreciation toward the game’s vibrant community, introducing a series of engaging events and exclusive offers.

New Year Special

The campaign’s centerpiece is the New Year Special – Thousand-Year Blood War Zenith Summons. This event offers players the chance to summon special 2024 editions of beloved characters, including Ichigo Kurosaki, Yhwach, and Orihime Inoue. Notably, every fifth step of the x10 Summons guarantees a 5 Star character, with Steps 25 and 50 providing a “Choose a New 5 Star Character Summons Ticket,” enabling players to select their preferred character.

Beyond the Zenith Summons, the campaign features additional time-limited activities such as the New Year 2024 Choose a 6 Star Summons, Round 1 of New Year Login Bonuses, and a special New Year’s gift from Kon. These initiatives are designed to enrich the player experience with exciting rewards and festivities as the New Year unfolds.

Engaging the community further, KLab Inc. has organized the End-of-Year Quest Challenge, encouraging players to interact with the official Bleach: Brave Souls social media accounts and share content related to the quest with the hashtag #BraveSoulsChallenge. A collective goal of 500 posts will unlock 50 Spirit Orbs for all players.

Brave Souls New Year's Campaign Begins Saturday, December 30

Additionally, the campaign includes an End-of-Year Quest Challenge Video Contest, inviting players to share their quest attempts online. The development team will select winners, who will be awarded a Rainbow Special Move Source.

KLab Inc Campaign

KLab Inc.’s New Year’s Campaign for Bleach: Brave Souls showcases their dedication to delivering a fun and rewarding experience to their loyal community. With a lineup of festive events, new character summons, and generous rewards, players have much to look forward to as they step into the New Year.