ronnieNew female R&B/Pop recording artist Ronnie, will be releasing her debut single entitled “Coming To Get Ya” later this month (June). This single is a combination of R&B, Pop and Hip-hop music, and will be making its way to radio this month as well.

Ronnie says that “‘Coming To Get Ya’ is a catchy infectious tune that will have listeners moving. It’s an anthem that signifies strength and embracing it.

“I wrote this song as an introduction to music fans, and it’s ended up being a song that everyone who hears it can’t seem to forget. It sticks in your head and you keep humming and humming without realizing you’re doing so. I feel fortunate to have written a song that I now know many will gravitate to and can’t wait for music fans all over to hear it.

“To describe ‘Coming To Get Ya,’ I’d say it’s an in your face, bass heavy tune. You want to listen to this while you go after your dreams, when you feel unstoppable, when you need a push, when you want to recharge your mental batteries and take no prisoners. All with a smile on your face. It’s your new empowerment song, so use it. It’s my gift to you.”

Born in Maryland, but mostly raised in Nigeria, Ronnie sets out on her journey to capture fans the world over from her home in the tri-state area of Maryland/DC/Virginia.

Her debut album, also entitled “Coming To Get Ya!,” will be released later this year.

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