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The Alain Locke Initiative is a nonprofit education organization which focuses on the achievement gap by energizing urban schools with high-impact leaders.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, one of Chicago’s civic leaders, was one of the guests during the Impact 2011 Dinner.

Emanuel recognized the efforts of the Alain Locke Initiative in accelerating student achievement in urban schools by acknowledging the success of retiring Alain Locke Charter School principal Lennie Jones.

The recipient of the IMPACT 2011 Award, Jones’ exceptional leadership helped create one of the most successful charter schools in Chicago and the United States.

The Mayor honored Pat Ryan, Jr. and his family for their long history of championing significant causes with “sweat equity.” He noted how the Ryan Family identified issues that matter and found a way to make them better.

The Alain Locke Initiative, named after the first African American Rhodes Scholar, is a national nonprofit education organization focused on closing the achievement gap by energizing urban schools with the high-impact leaders of today and tomorrow.

It was founded by Pat Ryan Jr., a leading technology and education entrepreneur.