The sports fiction series is courtesy of Enslow Publishers.

Each title in this sports series combines fun, engaging sports stories with important lessons about sportsmanship, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles.

It is meant for students who belong to grades 3–6. The easy-to-read text and fast-paced content will attract reluctant readers, while the sports theme will entice readers from various levels.

Titles included in the A Champion Sports Story series that have a January 1, 2012
publication date include:

Batting Ninth (ISBN: 978-07660-3886-8)
Matty in the Goal ISBN: (978-0-7660-3877-6)
Rounding Third, Heading Home (ISBN: 978-0-7660-3876-9)
Todd Goes for the Goal (ISBN 978-0-7660-3887-5)
Tony’s Last Touchdown (ISBN 978-0-7660-3885-1)

Written in an engaging style, this new series will provide entertaining stories about popular sports that include soccer, baseball, and football, that young people love to read about. Readers will have the opportunity to learn something about each sport while being encouraged to become better players.” – Mark Enslow President

Enslow’s award-winning titles have been recognized by organizations such as the American Library Association, the NAACP, VOYA, the National Council for the Social Studies, Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, and the Society of School Librarians International.