As the world prepares to celebrate World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, two Florida State University professors provide their perspectives on the  current fight against HIV and AIDS.

The two are Jonathan Appelbaum, M.D., associate professor and education director for internal medicine, College of Medicine and Neil Abell, Ph.D., professor and director of International Programs for the College of Social Work, both of Florida State University.

Appelbaum’s research focuses on aging and HIV, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender health. Aspeople continue to live longer with HIV/AIDS, Appelbaum can discuss the implications of aging with the disease. He is the co-editor of a report, “Consensus Treatment Strategies for Treating Older Patients with HIV/AIDS,” being written by a panel of experts from the American Academy of HIV Medicine, the American Geriatrics Society and the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is moving into the geriatric population. Right now over half of all people infected with this virus are over the age of 50 and are facing the issues of aging along with HIV/AIDS. Many people feel the health care system is unprepared to care for this population.”

Abell’s research focuses on end-of-life issues, health care and HIV/AIDS.

After 30 years of medical advances, social and psychological stigmas remain as substantial obstacles to overcoming the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Social service and health care providers, in becoming more mindful of the judgment and discrimination they may unintentionally communicate, can create more welcoming prevention and treatment environments and further reduce the risks to public health.”