The USA Triathlon organization known for its leadership by  associations around the world has recognized the comprehensive International Triathlon Coaching Association’s certification program.  USA Triathlon has now  the Association’s continuing education credits for coaches, trainers and athletes.

The triathlon world’s governing body continues its leadership on establishing and maintaining triathlon standards, events and programs.

Coaches, trainers and athletes around the world now have a single set of standards for continuing education credits .

The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association’s  (NESTA)   triathlon coaching division (ITCA) offers a self-paced triathlon coaching certification at

The ITCA program is used as a blueprint for standardized triathlon coaching that includes optioned training plans, heart rate zones, the science of triathlon training, with special modifications for all levels and special populations.

We are very pleased to earn this recognition from USAT – their continuing education approval simply confirms the value of our program in terms of quality coaching education.” – John Spencer Ellis founder International Triathlon Coaching Association

The ITCA online triathlon coaching certification program, which follows all the rules and regulations set by USA Triathlon, offers ongoing enrollment and is valid for two years. In addition, the International Triathlon Coaching Association’s training also teaches participants the business of triathlon coaching to promote long-term success.