The Kaiser Family Foundation released recently negative reviews regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Elizabeth Vliet M.D. wrote that majority of American families are facing a bad economy, high unemployment, and crashing home values. Increasing  health insurance premiums may have made people’s lives more difficult.

President Barack Obama’s campaign focused on “hope and change,but these winds of change are not what most Americans expected.

Look at the bleak facts:

In 2011, the annual health insurance premium for a family of four was pushed above $ 15,000 for the first time ever.It  was 31% higher than 2006, and 113% higher than in 2001. Health insurance premiums were 9% higher in 2011 than in 2010.

Hurricane Irene caused considerable damage all along the Eastern seaboard this fall. The damage from Obamacare’s extensive new mandates and regulations is less visible, but no less damaging to individuals, families, businesses, and our overall economy.

At least people were warned that Hurricane Irene was coming so they could take steps to prepare and protect themselves. Unfortunately, they were promised that the hurricane named Obamacare would lower costs, improve access to health insurance, and protect patient.

Obama Care advocates like to blame the “greedy” insurance companies but most of the blame for higher premiums is directly caused by the program’s first wave of mandates and regulations.

By the fall of 2010, all insurance policies should make sure to

1. keep adult “children” up to age 26 on parents’ policies

2. provide “free” preventive care and screenings for everyone

3. cover all pre-existing medical conditions

Adding this coverage for everyone unavoidably means the policy will have to cost more.

When the government gets in the middle, it always costs more. Some of the examples are inflated prices for solar panels made by Solyndra,high-priced toilets, $16 dollar muffins for government bureaucrats during government conferences.

As health insurance premiums spiral up at this rate, more and more families will be forced away from the private policies and into Medicaid.

Apparently, the goal of this Administration is to drive private insurers out of business when people are unable to afford the policies that are “Obamacare-compliant.”

The end result is the “public option” of fully socialized medicine that was the intent all along. Obamacare will destroy the private sector in medicine and make people dependent on the federal government, with the federal bureaucrats controlling every aspect of medical care.

According to Dr. Vliet, real reform would put Americans-instead of the government or the insurance company, back in the driver’s seat as patients and savvy consumers. Americans need to take back their rights, including the right to choose how, when, where, and with whom to seek medical care and health insurance.