At a time when an unhealthy number of Americans are feeling the pain of a woeful economy many look to find a singular voice to communicate their emotions and feelings with the song of Clay Dustin, “I’ll Take That Job (That Johnny Paycheck Shoved)”.

This composition is inspired by what is happening domestically and internationally.

While the song pokes fun at the old Johnny Paycheck classic,” the underlying theme of the song rings very true for many of us today. Country radio listeners can take heart that they are not alone in their struggles in today’s world.

Clay Dustin is a modern day cowboy delivering an old soulful country sound with his own personal touch. Mixing his El Paso, Texas roots of rodeos, cowboys and strong family values with his love for music from artists such as Johnny Cash, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Merle Haggard, Clay has creatively fused his style of living with his style of performing.