Produce-Manager Bruce Edwin was one of those who joined thousands of protesters against corporate greed at Wall Street.

I am striking out powerfully against hunger,” he stated.

I am telling everyone, get hungry for work, get hungry for success, and make it happen! When asked if he is going to starve himself to protest greed, he states, Are you kidding me?! That’s about one of the dumbest ideas a person can get. Sure, let’s find something we don’t like, get mad about it, and then torture and starve ourselves like an idiot until we’re too weak to do anything about the problem.  I’m hungry every few hours. There’s no way I’m skipping a meal if I can help it! What you should skip though, is stupidity.”

Bruce Edwin adds that people need to get hungry for success, and to learn how to be successful and then become a success.

Starving yourself, missing baths, or camping out in front of hard working business owners’ doors and stopping their ability to make a living is not noble.” Bruce Edwin states, It’s stupid. That’s like finding a hole in your boat, and standing up for an hour and screaming and shouting at that hole. What’s the end result? You sink. You don’t stand around and shout at a hole making you sink. What you do is, you fill the hole, get to land, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Bruce Edwin continues, “Occupy Wall Street is about three years late and three million brain cells short. Corporate bail outs and Bernie Madoff were three years ago, where were the protesters then when it all first happened?”