The following is a statement from Peter Lumaj who has joined the Senate race in the State of Connecticut as a Conservative Republican:

Hardworking citizens of Connecticut and the US are facing hardships. Many have lost their jobs, homes, business, and investments because of Washington’s detrimental policies plunging America into darkness, despair and depression.

Liberal policies and big government under President Obama are destroying our economy, our way of life, and our nation. Government czars and executive fiats are hindering the production of our farms, fisheries, and energy industry, therefore, driving up unemployment, fuel prices, food prices and the cost of living. The value of the US dollar has fallen, our nation’s debt is unsustainable, the health care system would resemble a socialistic one, the educational system is a failure, the immigration policies are a mess, and the Constitution is being disregarded.

This is not the America we know, nor the America we want our children and grandchildren to inherit. When the Constitution was written, our Founding Fathers, with unsurpassed wisdom, realized that Americans are exceptional, thus gave us a constitutionally limited government where the individual would remain free and prosperous. They warned us of unlimited government and its consequences.

I believe that conservatism and conservative principles are the solution to the failed policies of this administration. Conservatives like you and I have a country to save and a Constitution to defend.

Therefore, I, Peter Lumaj am entering the race for United States Senate as a Conservative Republican and will fight every day to reestablish a constitutionally limited government as meant by our Founding Fathers.